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Mission Statement

Algoa Toyota Port Elizabeth is a leading Toyota dealer. We aim to exceed customer transportation needs and expectations by providing affordable motor vehicles and associated products of outstanding quality and exceptional service in the Port Elizabeth and surrounding market through two conveniently located dealerships.

Algoa Toyota Port Elizabeth recognizes that its return on funds employed and continued success is dependent on meeting our responsibilities to stakeholders. Our first responsibility is to have an obsession with customer satisfaction and in so doing provide products and services that will exceed customer expectations.

We feel personal responsibility towards fellow employees. As an equal opportunity employer we seek to create opportunities for personal growth and an improved quality of life. We are totally committed to honesty and integrity in all relationships with suppliers, customers and fellow employees.

Involvement in the community is recognized as a social responsibility and we aim to support projects that will contribute to its well-being.

Our Organisation

The business activities of Algoa Toyota Port Elizabeth include:

  • The sale of new and used passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Servicing and repairing of vehicles
  • The distribution of parts and accessories
  • Financing of vehicles
  • A wide range of insurance and assurance products
  • Full maintenance leasing
  • Fleet management services

Algoa Toyota Port Elizabeth is dedicated to servicing the motoring public and to building customer relations which endure far beyond the life of the vehicles we supply.

Our Community Involvement

Algoa Toyota Port Elizabeth prides itself in being involved in various community projects and activities. The Knights program is a way in which the elite group of sales people can set the example by being involved with the community while still maintaining their high standard of customer satisfaction. Here we give you a description of some of our community projects and activities.

SOS Childrens Village

Algoa Toyota Port Elizabeth staff members became aware of the SOS Children’s village right on our doorstep, and decided to knit beanies for the little ones to keep them warm in winter. The beanies were handed out to the kids, together with a goodie bag containing a colouring book, crayons and of course – something sweet! We had a lovely time visiting the little ones in their Kindergarten!

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental, social development organisation. Their greatest priority is to provide orphaned and abandoned children with secure homes, a quality education and a loving family environment.

SOS Children’s Villages caters to the specific needs of each community, providing day care centres, life skills training centers, social centers, family strengthening programmes, kindergartens, schools, medical centres and vocational training centres where necessary.

Currently they have just over 1000 children in their permanent care programme, and in their Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) they assist about 7 000 children in short-term care. They acknowledge the need to focus just as much on short-term care in order to reach as many children and families as possible and prevent further deterioration of family structures and care givers.

SOS children’s Villages is well aware of the need to work with local authorities, service providers and communities in order to get the greatest results. In locations where there is no local infrastructure, they run kindergartens, day care centres, schools and vocational training centres. They also give each situation its own unique attention and strategy for moving forward.

South African villages include:

Ennerdale Village

  • The first SOS village in SA built in 1983 in the south of Johannesburg
  • Comprises 16 family houses and currently home to 158 children
  • The village also has a kindergarten, a day care centre and a life skills centre

Mamelodi Village

  • This village was established in 1985 near Pretoria
  • It is currently home to 162 children
  • Mamelodi Village also has a very strong Family Strengthening Program

Port Elizabeth Village

  • The PE Village was established in 1990
  • It is home to 118 children
  • PE has also rented a house outside the village to enable its youth girls to spread their wings and prepare for an independent life
  • In the suburb of Schauderville the village has 14 family homes, 2 youth houses and a kindergarten

Cape Town Village

  • It was officially opened in 1996 by former President, Nelson Mandela
  • It is currently home to 114 children
  • Because it was established in the new democracy it was the first village to house SOS mothers and children of all races

Pietermaritzburg Village

  • This village houses 150 children with a kindergarten that caters for 125 children
  • It also reaches 500 children with its highly successful Family Strengthening Program
  • It hosts self-help groups for poor women with small-scale saving and income generation

Mthatha Village

  • This village houses 150 children with a kindergarten that caters for 125 children
  • It also reaches 500 children with its highly successful Family Strengthening Program
  • It hosts self-help groups for poor women with small-scale saving and income generation

Nelspruit Village

  • This was the first village to be built along different lines, with house integrated into a suburb to give the children a greater sense of belonging
  • The first 6 children moved into their new home in December 2003 and today the village is home to 75 children
  • The SOS kindergarten caters to the needs of the Kamagugu community with a Family Strengthening Programme that serves the Tekwane community

Rustenburg Village

  • This village was built as a FIFA initiative when Sepp Blatter announced South Africa as the 2010 host country
  • Rustenburg village consists of ten family homes integrated into one of the mining town’s suburbs
  • The well-established Family Strengthening Programme here already has 400 beneficiaries in the Tlhabane Theyst area

Please visit their website for more information: www.sos.org.za

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